Marengo Ear care lotion Ohrpflege for dogs 100 ml  met korting aantrekkelijk en goedkoop kopen
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Marengo Ear care lotion Ohrpflege for dogs 100 ml

  • 100 ml
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Ear care lotion Ohrpflege for dogs 100 ml

- with a strong dirt and crust removing effect

- cares for the sensitive inner ear

- has a soothing effect on the ear mucosa

- for routine cleaning or therapy-accompanying care in cases of inflammation, mite-infestation, soreness, otitis externa, itchiness

- effective, with purely natural substances

- guaranteed to be free of medication, poison and insecticides (such as Lindan, Pyrethrum, etc.).

The ears should be inspected regularly for grime, secretion or changes in smell. If none of these symptoms are present, this means that the body’s natural cleaning mechanism is intact and that the ears should not be treated. Should care be required, take a frugal amount of hand-hot Marengo ear care milk and apply some to a soft cloth or firm, colourless piece of cotton wool (no toilet paper / paper towels). Then start off by cleaning the inside of the external ear. In doing so, please ensure that you do not push the dirt into the ear canal. To apply the ear care product we recommend you tell the dog to sit, whereat the dog can keep its head in level position or, better yet, with its nose pointing slightly down. In doing so it is easier for the ear care product to flow into the ear canal.

Thereafter, massage the ear for approx. 2-3 minutes and, in the course of this, the dog’s nose can carefully be pressed down. After the massage, let the dog stand up again. Normally, it will shake itself or try to rub its ears on furniture or the floor. The shaking movement will transport the detached crusty bits, ear secretion and dirt to the top and therefore this is definitely necessary. The dirt particles, crusty bits and secretion which were transported to the inside of the external ear are then removed with a clean soft cloth or a firm, colourless piece of cotton, until the ear is clean.

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  • Ear care lotion Ohrpflege for dogs 100 ml
  • Omschrijving
Peppermint and calendula oil in a milky Lanette fat emulsion. Contains no medication, poisons or insecticides, such as Lindan, Pyrethrum, etc.
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