• Roam Croc Jerky Wetlands Crocodile 142 g 4260563383200
  • Roam Ossy Jerky Cape Ostrich 142 g
  • Roam Bucky Jerky Grassland Venisons 142 g
Roam Croc Jerky Wetlands Crocodile 142 g
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Roam Croc Jerky Wetlands Crocodile 142 g

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Limited ingredients
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  • 142 g
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Croc Jerky Wetlands Crocodile 142 g

Novel Proteins. Vets and industry experts are increasingly advocating for pet owners to incorporate more Novel Proteins in their pet diets. These alternative meats are a key nutritional component of a healthier diet and a necessary complement to help prevent food allergies!

These sources of highly nutritional, low fat protein come from animals raised in smaller farms, free to roam in their natural habitats, and fed balanced diets without the addition of hormones or artificial preservatives - the result is higher quality meat.

  • Healthier: They are leaner, with 50% fewer calories and 80% less fat than conventional proteins.
  • Non-allergenic: They allow for variety that minimizes the risk of food-related allergies.
  • Sustainable: They come from more naturally- and humanely-raised animals as part of a sustainable and environmentally-friendly food-system.
Wetlands Crocodile. These large reptiles produce a remarkably healthy meat. It’s mild flavored and firm in texture; it has significantly fewer calories, less fat content and less cholesterol than more traditional meats. It provides higher levels of protein, making it a more heart-friendly white meat alternative. An additional benefit in pet treats is that the food allergy/intolerance risk to dogs associated with alligator meat is very low relative to poultry and beef. Kauwsticks, kauwrollen, kauwrepen Roam Croc Jerky Wetlands Crocodile verpakking
  • Croc Jerky Wetlands Crocodile 142 g
  • Ossy Jerky Cape Ostrich 142 g
  • Bucky Jerky Grassland Venisons 142 g
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Crocodile meat, vegetable glycerine, vegetable fiber (pea), vinegar, molasses, salt, spice, antioxidant (rosemary extract).
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Vochtigheid 21.1%
Ruw vet 19.7%
Ruwe proteïne 16.1%
Ruwe vezel 5.2%

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